About Priscilla Yother

Priscilla Yother is a life-long educator and Conservative Republican. With more than 36 years as a classroom teacher and administrator, she knows firsthand the challenges Alabama schools face. 


Priscilla’s commitment to traditional school values accompanied by her innovative leadership skills resulted in her being named a District V Distinguished Principal of the Year. Priscilla’s dedication to public education is best represented during her tenure at Eura Brown Elementary School in Gadsden. During Priscilla’s 16 years of leadership, Eura Brown was named a National Blue-Ribbon School of Excellence. 


Priscilla is a lifetime resident of Etowah County and a member of First Baptist Church of Gadsden. She and her husband, Jeffrey, have two children, Hillary Yother Parks and Burke Yother, and two grandchildren.


As a Conservative Republican, Priscilla believes in the need for improved quality of education, support of parent’s rights, and strongly objects to federal overreach in local education decisions. 

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Defending Alabama’s Schools

Critical Race Theory

The classroom is no place to teach hate and divisiveness. As educators, we must encourage and inspire our students. Critical Race Theory is only meant to divide us. Children should never be taught to hate or discriminate from a young age. Keeping Critical Race Theory out of our classrooms is my top priority. By allowing the State School Board to play a role in textbook selection as well as curriculum development, we can ensure that our students learn in an environment that promotes equality and inclusiveness for all. 

Teacher Pay Raises & Teacher Quality

There is a growing concern over quality teachers in the classroom. Additionally, Alabama is facing a teacher shortage. Without adequate pay, on top of extreme working conditions caused by the pandemic, it is difficult to justify entering the teaching profession. The State School Board must address the issues at the core of Alabama’s teacher shortage. Increasing the starting salary of first-year educators, as well as raising the qualifications for those teachers will significantly improve the educational standards in Alabama schools.

COVID-19 Mandates for Students

It is not the responsibility of the government to mandate how or when our children attend school. Online learning has crippled our teacher’s ability to teach effectively, while mask mandates continue to hinder the learning process of our younger elementary students. Most importantly, no school board, principal, nor the federal government should ever require a child to receive an unnecessary vaccine. Whether or not a student receives a COVID vaccine is a decision between that student and their parents. Students must always have the choice to freely attend school and we must allow the parents to decide what they believe is best for their child. Schools run best when parents have a say and bureaucracy is kept to a minimum.

Parent’s Rights 

Parents should always have an open door to their child’s classroom. Understanding the concerns and needs of a parent under our current circumstances should be a top priority in our schools. Too many parents suffer the consequences of extreme mandates and unreasonable requirements. The State School Board should never prevent parents from voicing their concerns over issues they see in the classroom, and neither should the federal government. As your state school board member, I will ensure parents and students are protected from unconstitutional federal overreach in Alabama schools and ensure parents have their voices and concerns heard.

Lastly, and most importantly, parents should always feel safe about sending their children to school. It should go without saying that we need to keep the boys out of the girl’s locker room. Without the unfair advantage athletically, we’re only putting our kids at risk for unwanted and potentially dangerous situations. The State School Board should always keep the safety of our children as the top priority.


Q & A about the Tuesday, May 24 Republican Primary Vote


Q.  Who Can Vote for Priscilla Yother?

A.  If you are a registered voter in Blount, Calhoun, Cherokee, Cullman, Etowah, Marshall, St. Clair, or Talladega counties, you can vote for Priscilla Yother for District 6, State Board of Education.


Because this is the Primary Election, the poll worker will ask if you want a Republican or Democrat ballot. You will find Priscilla Yother on the Republican Ballot.


Alabama does not allow cross-over voting in the general election so be sure to request a Republican Ballot and cast your vote for Priscilla Yother.


Q.  When does Voter Registration end?

A.  A citizen can register to vote before May 9 in the following ways:

  • On alabamavotes.gov

  • By using the Vote for Alabama app

  • When applying for or renewing an Alabama driver’s license or non-driver ID

  • At armed forces recruiting centers

  • At your county board of registrars

  • By mail-in form is requested at alabamavotes.gov.


Q.  How do I turn in an Absentee vote?

A. Absentee voting has been open since March 30. The deadline to return absentee ballots by mail is May 17, and the deadline to return them by hand is May 19.

Absentee ballot applications can be downloaded online or requested by visiting or calling the local absentee election manager’s office. Voters may also contact the Secretary of State’s Elections Division at (334) 242-7210 to request an absentee ballot application.